Suite 309, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.
Suite 309, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.

Lee J Pepper Optometrist and Orthokeratologist

Lee J Pepper OptometristLee Pepper, optometrist and orthokeratologist graduated with honours from the University of NSW and has been registered to practice optometry for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in primary eye care in the Hills District and has particular interest in the prevention of blindness in adult and elderly patients as well as inhibiting the development of myopia in children. Orthokeratology is one of his particular specialties.

Lee has served as a clinical supervisor of budding optometrists at UNSW and has lectured part-time in spectacle lens design and patient communication. He has been awarded prizes in clinical optometry and contact lens practice and has been involved in research in multifocal spectacles and contact lenses.

Time spent working as a consultant optometrist in clinical instrumentation has allowed him to focus on developing equipment that caters to the needs of practising optometrists and their patients. Lee put this knowledge into practice when setting up Vision Excellence, establishing a centre in the Hills District providing a high standard of optometric care.

Living in the Hills District, Lee has three sons and has always had a strong involvement in football and futsal (indoor soccer) as a player, coach and administrator. He had played in the Hills District and for UNSW and is a keen fan and tragic of the Arsenal Football Club.

  • Ortho-K was a very simple process and learning how to put contacts in was made much easier with Lee’s patience. I had been wearing glasses all the time for about one year and I didn’t really like wearing them so Ortho-K seemed like the perfect option, and it is! I would recommend Ortho-K to anyone especially if you play sport!

  • I’ve never really paid much attention to my health. I’ve been a smoker all my life, and when I started to go blurry up close, I just bought stronger magnifiers each year from the chemist. Earlier this year I failed the sight test at the RTA and went to the doctor. She sent me along to the optometrist at Lawton House who was amazed that at the age of 70 I’d never had a proper eye check. I couldn’t believe that there was so much to it but unfortunately Dr Pepper found that I had a disease called wet macular degeneration. He sent me straight to another eye doctor for treatment and that saved the sight in my left eye even though it will never be quite as good as it was before. I only wish I’d had my eyes checked properly when I was younger.

  • Just after my daughter’s second birthday, I noticed that sometimes her right eye was starting to turn inwards towards her nose. I got a referral to a surgeon who didn’t really explain what was happening but wanted to operate on her eyes straight away. I was freaked out by this and went to my sister’s optometrist at Castle Hill, who referred me to Eyetreat for a second opinion. I was so impressed with Lee and Liane, who took their time with my little girl and discovered that she was quite long-sighted (like her father!) That was almost a year ago now, and even though my little girl has to wear glasses now, her eyes look normal pretty much all the time now. No surgery! And if glasses become a problem later on she will probably be able to wear contacts.

  • I hate wearing glasses but by the time I turned 50, I couldn’t read a thing without them. I didn’t mind this so much at home but when I went out I used to hate having to pull them out to read theatre program or a menu at a restaurant. It was like I was announcing to the world that I’m getting old! My son wears contact lenses so I thought I would ask Lee at Vision Excellence if they could help me for reading. He tried a couple of different ways of correcting my vision and I’m happy to say that with multifocal contact lenses, I can now see in the long distance and close up without having to pull out my specs. Needless to say, I am a happy lady!

  • I have been wearing glasses since I started primary school. Every year since then, I’ve needed to get stronger glasses and by year 6 I had to wear them pretty well all the time. My mum heard about ortho-k last year and took me to the optometrist at Castle Hill during the summer holidays. Luckily I was able to wear the retainers. It felt a bit weird at first but by the time I started year 7, I got used to the routine and now nobody at my high school even knows that I’m short-sighted.