Suite 309, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.
Suite 309, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.

When we established Vision Excellence in the Hills District, we were (and still are!) absolutely committed to ensuring that the health of your eyes is checked thoroughly by your optometrist and safeguarded for your future.

We believe that everyone should see an optometrist for an eye test at a relatively young age, even if you are satisfied with your vision. This allows us to make sure that your eyes are healthy and working effectively, and more importantly enables us to obtain baseline readings, measurements and images with which we can compare the condition of your eyes in the future. All of our records are saved securely on and off site locally in the Hills District so that we will have them for the rest of your life.

Our Values:

  • Our Patients– we strive to provide excellence to each and every person who entrusts their vision and the vision of their family to our optometrist’s care with the goal of delivering the absolute best vision that your eyes are able to achieve. We want to ensure that we reduce the risks to your vision through detection and prevention of the many eye diseases that can cause blindness if discovered too late.
  • Our Communication – we aim for excellence in every facet of our practice. This extends to our care of your eyes as well as the communication of how exactly we have looked after you. Our optometrist will carefully explain your test results and the health of your eyes and, with your permission, we can liaise with other health care professionals in the Hills District who have an interest in your welfare.
  • Our Respect – we value good manners and recognise the importance of punctuality. We will always do our utmost to run on time. We will let you know when you make your appointment how much time you should allocate for your examination. We would ask that you switch your mobile phone off when you arrive for your appointment and we will switch ours off too.
  • Our Technology– our experience in optometric technology gives us a great platform to continuously provide excellence in eye care instrumentation. Our aim is to stay at the forefront of clinical equipment to make sure that we remain second-to-none in the Hills District in providing the latest eye care that technology can offer.

What makes Vision Excellence different?

  • We are not located in a busy high-rent shopping centre where sometimes there may be pressure to ‘maximise the sale’ of glasses in the least time possible. Quality of care is important to our optometrist. We take our time to check your eyes thoroughly and aim to get your prescription correct first-time. We appreciate a challenge and love to be able to look after patients whose vision has been thrown in the ‘too-hard-basket’ elsewhere.
  • Every patient is treated as an individual by our optometrist and we understand that no two people have identical visual needs. We appreciate that our patients refer others in the Hills District to our optometrist and we believe that recommendation through word-of-mouth is the healthiest foundation on which to build our practice.