Suite 309, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.
Suite 309, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.

We are passionate about getting glasses right. Most people are not aware of the number of things that can affect the quality of a pair of glasses. Purchasing glasses online or going to a shop offering incentives may be attractive, but unfortunately our experience is that often the dispensing of the prescription is not done perfectly.

Despite looking good, frames may be of poor quality and staff may be rushed or inadequately trained to perform all aspects in getting the lenses right to maximise your vision. Consequently, the poor unsuspecting patient ends up having to pay more to have the situation rectified, especially after a prescriber at one place and a dispenser at another claim that the other is responsible.

For patients who have their eyes examined at Vision Excellence and choose to have their glasses dispensed by us, we give you the following guarantee: we are experienced in measuring your refraction carefully and accurately by means of state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Furthermore, we will take responsibility for spectacles that we dispense to ensure that your vision is as clear and as comfortable as possible. We are meticulous about the quality of frames we recommend  and our team is thoroughly trained and experienced in all aspects of dispensing glasses. Our Norwest facilities are equipped to individualise your glasses to your face and to ensure the lens optics will maximise the performance of your prescription.

We can prescribe and dispense glasses to meet every visual need, including:

Progressive Glasses

‘I can’t wear multifocals. I tried them once and I could never get used to them.’

At Vision Excellence, we hear these statements all the time from our new patients. We estimate that there are thousands of people out there over the age of 45 who feel the same way because of an experience with poorly fitted or low quality glasses.

Progressive lenses often referred to as ‘multifocals’ or ‘graduated’ spectacles, are glasses for people who need a different prescription up close to what they need to see far away. Progressives have a gradual multifocal effect from the top of your glasses to the bottom. This means that you can see clearly at all distances without changing glasses and the truth is that VERY FEW people are unable to wear them!

So why do so many people think that progressives are not for them? Our experience is that, before seeing us, their multifocal glasses have not been prescribed, designed or fitted properly. Most people think ‘glasses are glasses’, but this is not the case.

From carefully performing the original refraction to get your prescription exact, to the choice of an appropriate frame to suit your facial shape and size, to selecting a progressive lens with the best design, material and coatings, there is much precision and skill required to cater for your visual needs. Dozens of measurements need to be taken correctly for your glasses to work as they should.

Bifocal and Trifocal Glasses

For patients that require specific vision correction at multiple distances, where progressive lenses may not be the best option, we offer high quality bifocal and trifocal lens solutions custom designed to meet the patient’s vision needs.

Bifocal lenses are divided into two sections to enable correction at two different distances. This is usually long distance and reading distance, but sometimes computer distance and reading distance (where these are very different). The lenses usually have a straight and visible line that defines separation of the two distinct optical zones of the lens. There are some round designs available however the straight top bifocal lens is most popular.

The trifocal lens has three focal distances. In addition to the distance and reading vision correction sections, these lenses include a third focal distance, placed in the middle of the lens, which is utilised for viewing intermediate distances (usually for computer screens) that are not covered by the top or bottom sections.

The prescription and dispensing of bifocal and trifocal glasses must be done accurately to ensure the best vision outcomes are met for the patient. Our optometrist has over 30 years of experience in providing these vision correction solutions to our patients, and we work with our patients to ensure the best outcome possible for each individual.


Your eyes need protection from the damaging UV and blue light spectrum of the sun to prevent complications or serious eye conditions from impacting your vision later in life. Most people don’t realise that the sun damages the eyes as much as the skin, especially in kids and young adulthood, yet sunscreen is often remembered while sunglasses are forgotten!

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive in the body; apart from the appearance of aging, this skin is particularly prone to some of the more dangerous skin cancers. UV exposure is also the main cause of cataracts (opacification of the crystalline lens inside the eye) and pterygium (abnormal thickening of the conjunctiva on the eyeball resulting in growth over the clear cornea at the front of the eye.

Not all sunglasses are created equal, with many factors impacting the ability of a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from these damaging rays. At Vision Excellence in the Hills District, we assist our patients to choose from our wide range of sunglasses for all ages that afford the highest level of protection for your eyes. We are experienced at fitting these glasses to your face shape to further maximise protection from the sun.

We use the same high-quality lenses for our prescription sunglasses as we do for the rest of our spectacle range, with a focus on sun protection and comfort for our patients. In fact, every pair of glasses we dispense has UV protection meeting the Australian sunglass standards, whether they are sunglasses or normal clear prescription glasses.

Baby and Children's Glasses

At Vision Excellence, we are fully equipped to accurately and comprehensively check the vision and eye health for children of all ages from six months and older. We are experienced in testing the eyes of children and make sure the process is as stress free as possible for kids and carers alike!

We will only prescribe glasses to kids where it is necessary for their development and avoid this wherever other methods of treatment are possible. However, where glasses are necessary, we are equipped to accurately measure, prescribe and dispense glasses for babies, toddlers and kids.

We have a great range of glasses for kids and babies, and only stock high quality frames that are robust enough to keep up with your child’s activities! Sometimes, it’s a challenge for kids to wear glasses so we do everything to make them comfortable and for kids to look as normal as possible to reduce any anxiety they may have at kindy or at school. For kids that need glasses for sport, we have safe, impact-resistant glasses available for almost any prescription.

Safety Glasses and Protective Eyewear

One in five people will experience ocular trauma at some point in their lives, with men and children at greatest risk. Some activities create risk of ocular trauma, along with potential long-term impacts to your vision. Some of the worst injuries in eyes that our optometrist has examined have involved inadequate eye protection during sport.

Our optometrist can recommend and dispense eye protection options that suit your individual needs and activities, from safety glasses for workplaces or construction activities to protection for various sports and almost all recreation activities.

Our safety glasses and protective eyewear range are also able to accommodate prescription lenses, and we will work with you to identify a solution which both protects your eyes and gives you comfortable clarity of vision.

Why should you trust us to get your glasses right?

  • At Vision Excellence, we take the time to prescribe and dispense glasses that support the best vision possible for our patients.
  • We only use the best designs and materials to ensure the best quality glasses are provided to our patients.
  • We will measure your eyes and face as perfectly as possible with our state of the art technology and facilities.
  • Most importantly, we take responsibility for the whole process and once you are successfully wearing your glasses, we will help you to keep them in their best condition to give you years of clear, comfortable and problem-free wear.

Optical Dispensing

Our practitioners have extensive knowledge of optical dispensing and will advise on best options for your prescription. The new Norwest practice offers the latest in spectacle lens technology, fashion frames and contact lenses.