Suite 309, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.
Suite 309, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.


Your eyes need protection from the damaging UV and blue light spectrum of the sun to prevent complications or serious eye conditions from impacting your vision later in life. Most people don’t realise that the sun damages the eyes as much as the skin, especially in kids and young adulthood, yet sunscreen is often remembered while sunglasses are forgotten!

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive in the body; apart from the appearance of aging, this skin is particularly prone to some of the more dangerous skin cancers. UV exposure is also the main cause of cataracts (opacification of the crystalline lens inside the eye) and pterygium (abnormal thickening of the conjunctiva on the eyeball resulting in growth over the clear cornea at the front of the eye.

Not all sunglasses are created equal, with many factors impacting the ability of a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from these damaging rays. At Vision Excellence in the Hills District, we assist our patients to choose from our wide range of sunglasses for all ages that afford the highest level of protection for your eyes. We are experienced at fitting these glasses to your face shape to further maximise protection from the sun.

We use the same high-quality lenses for our prescription sunglasses as we do for the rest of our spectacle range, with a focus on sun protection and comfort for our patients. In fact, every pair of glasses we dispense has UV protection meeting the Australian sunglass standards, whether they are sunglasses or normal clear prescription glasses.